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design, prototype, production - Savage Flux DB-XL

design, prototype, production

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Savage Flux DB-XL

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Scale Truck and Offroad Builds >> Savage Flux DB-XL
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We are running a new DesertBoy XL with the length of the Savage XL, and all the capabilities of the great Flux, but with the addition of the GCM only revisions in balance and handling.
Introducing the DesertBoy XL Flux conversion platform. A simple re-think of a great truck, with lots of performance bonuses thrown in.
GCM has a reputation of bringing a capable truck into the arena of a great truck. This conversion is a perfect example of that. The well known HPI Savage Flux with it's monster power system is just the right place to start. We redesigned the suspension castor, component placement, and total balance of the truck, in addition to some other simple and useful changes to come up with the DesertBoy XL. Fully designed around our proven DesertBoy-17, a longer version of this one, the XL offers many common body shell options, and still all the common Savage hop-ups you know you will put on your truck.
With a wheelbase of 396mm (15.6 inches) this new platform will get your power translated into speed and control. It's a total shift of focus from the stock Flux. If you are running a 6s lipo setup with this truck, hang on! The ability to plant the power to the ground will make you giggle when you slam the throttle, even using only 4s power.
This DesertBoy XL offers a small but secure internal battery bay of 132mm x 74mm (chassis width) x unlimited height, perfect for securing a thick soft pack lipo. That space can also be used for a super secure ESC mounting area as shown. The stock Flux Battery holders also bolt right on the side plates, and will obviously house several types of available batteries. With this amount of battery mounting options, the possibilities are almost endless.
The chassis strong enough for any punishment short of a train wreck, and yes, we have tried to break it. The servo is mounted on billet anodized aluminum mounts inside the chassis plates and makes rock solid steering in any conditions. The ESC is mounted on top of the Flux motor mounts with tape and strapped to the side of the chassis over the motor for simple and clean wiring, or you can use the Traxxas 5626 clamp for holding the esc to the side plate. All new DesertBoy kits include a new upper steering post brace as well, to replace the radiobox steering brace. Other engineering upgrades include mounting the whole drive line package in the exact opposite of the stock truck, which makes the spur gear rotate the proper way to
keep the slipper nut from backing off, a problem we found on the stock Flux.
This conversion includes front and rear heavy duty dogbones, billet servo mounts, and a complete hex hardware kit for the chassis screws. You can re-use the Flux battery boxes. All the parts included in each kit are shown below.
Fit your XL length body to the chassis, and go bashing. THE conversion experience is waiting for you.
This truck is also equipped with these option parts:
Flux Diff Upgrade from HPI
Top Transmission Gear from HPI
Hard Pinion Gear from RRP
F-650 Body from Proline
1/8 MT wheel and Badlands Tire from Proline
And here's some video action of our DesertBoy XL bashing with an old body on top.