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design, prototype, production - Tacoma Offroad

design, prototype, production

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Tacoma Offroad

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Scale Truck and Offroad Builds >> Tacoma Offroad
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We wanted to make up a scale trail truck, not a Jeep, but something you might see out on the trails. Using our CrossCanyon Venom Scaler Conversion and a Honcho Tacoma body we have the final truck.
Here's the assembly of this fun truck. Beginning with the CrossCanyon Venom Scaler Conversion, we installed the assembled Venom transmission up front, put the GCM Transfer Case together, and installed the lower skidplate. The center drive is an HPI dogbone and (2) 5mm Traxxas drive cups.
With no prior experience using the Venom axles, we were excited to try out the locking sets and give them a tough test. They have proven to be a great axle even with high watt brushless power, and with the Slash 4x4 tires, it's a great trail truck combo.
Here's the basic layout using the Venom Creeper stuff with the GCM Scaler Conversion. The Honcho body covers it all well and there's room to spare for the interior and electrics.
The front and rear ends linked up basically the same and it's strong and simple. The truck has great travel with this setup, and the links fit clean and easy around the driven shafts of the drivetrain.
With the servo mount installed and the rear cage and deck shortened a bit, the body work is almost final. As you can see there's a big gaping space inside for your electrics, and a strong drivetrain ready to go.
The light bar and front skid/bumper were fabbed from stainless steel and welded to fit. The whole front bumper assembly bolts directly on to the CrossCanyon rails at the front holes and is easily removed if need be. This setup works very well for sliding rocks and dirt, and protects the servo and front linkages in slides or crashes. A great looking setup that simply bolts on to the frame. Lots of good approach angle here.
We made up some little tube clips for the rear cage. These slide into the rear holes on the CrossCanyon frame and let us slide the tube work right on the frame, and then just clip into place. No body posts, no mess.
This truck got a custom bent lexan belly pan/electrics tray made up and bolted to the frame in the upper center holes. This keeps out the dirt, and holds the body in position in the toughest crash. A simple addition we recommend highly. It also doubles as a cab floor from the bottom and makes a great rock slider!
Power comes from a 3300Kv brushless 4 pole motor and a Mamba Max ESC along with a CC Bec and a light control unit. The other side of the belly tray will hold the battery, a 2 cell lipo. In total this truck sports 10 LED lights, using 2 red rears, 2 red rear wheel spots, 2 white front wheel spots, and 4 light bar projectors.
We decided the Venom axle skidplates had to go, so we flipped the rear knuckles to the front side, and added these GCM Venom axle lock outs. It's a simple little item we now have available in our store. A solid lock that mounts to some of the strongest parts of the axle and keeps your rear wheels in line at all times with out the use of a long tierod.
Even with this massive brushless power, we have a great time with this Venom Scaler Conversion... because it won't break! The axles are a great unit locked or open, and when setup nice and tight, the fun and reliability is proof this is a great combo. With the motor up front on the gearbox, the weight balance of the truck is just right for the rocks, it's got a good low center of gravity and resists side rolling very well. The honcho body and the custom work added to the GCM Scaler Conversion makes a simple and great driving truck just waiting for the next outing.
Here's some video of this rig:
Video link 1
Video link 2
Video link 3
And a Build Thread Link