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design, prototype, production

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about GCM Industrial Machining operations and general shop:
Q: Our company has some CAD files to send over. What file types do you accept for manufacture?

A: We accept DXF, IGES, most STEP, SAT, 3dM, and DWG files. In some cases there are file conversion errors that occur, and we encourage customers to send a couple of different types initially to ensure compatibility.
Q: I have a great idea and some drawings for it, is there any way GCM can help me get this to a finished product?

A: Yes, this is our specialty! We are happy to walk you through your designs, refine the drawings, produce manufacturing drawings and files, and even do your prototyping and production. Many companies will not start with customers without finished manufacturing files, but GCM can help you with each stage of the journey to see your ideas into finished goods.
Q: What capabilities does GCM offer to the industry?

A: We are currently offering concept formation assistance, design development, parametric 3D modelling, prototyping, machining, and assembly services to the small parts manufacturing and the technology sector. We specialize in parts ranging from .003 inch thickness to several inches and have machining capabilities in or out of house for 6 inches turned and 12 x 30 inches milled. We have local outsources for material finishing including paint, anodizing, irridite, plating and laser etching/engraving.
Q: What materials does GCM usually deal with? I have a plastic part designed with turning and milling. Can you prototype that for me?

A: Sure we can. We deal usually with aluminum plate, round, and extrusions, as well as several varieties of stainless steel and specialty metals such as tungsten and copper alloys. In plastics, we commonly use lexan, acrylic, delrin, teflon, nylon, ABS, and others. We have experience in turning and milling all these materials and more.
Q: What sort of delivery times can I expect for my job?

A: The usual order of business is first to layout the demands that are customer specific, for instance design and machining, or only machining, or concept formation through to finished goods. After we determine the required layout, the job will be quoted, and at that time each job will receive a realistic delivery date. We try to supply delivery dates that are achievable by us as well as any local contract finishing that is required so that the customer can have the products on time every time. As a rough estimate, usually custom orders requiring 3 or more layout categories (design, machining, and finishing for example) will require 6 weeks for delivery.
Q: We would like to employ GCM to do our work, but we are not in your locale. Can you ship to us?

A: Yes, we do ship finished goods. We ship all around the world and Express ship industry sector parts to anywhere in Canada. A shipping quote will be included in your work order.